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How It Works

Be part of an exclusive community of shoppers that helps brands improve their products through product testing.

1 Apply & Choose a Product

Approved Members can choose what products to review, or you may also be invited by brands to test exclusive products.

2 Answer 6 Brief Questions

Review the product by answering 6 brief questions about your experience. Your opinon will help brands improve their products

3 Get Paid for Your Opinion

Get paid and receive free products for your feedback. Active participants are highly valued and rewarded with more products & benefits.

Discover and Keep New Products by Providing Meaningful Insights

Influence and improve new products by sharing your honest feeback and thoughts. Answer no more than 6 easy questions that can help brands learn more about how consumers interact with their product.
You can help our partner brands by answering questions such as:
  • What do you like about the product packaging?
  • How can the brand improve the way it communicates with its customers?
  • What improvements can be made with the product?
  • What are your oeverall feelings about the brand or product?
  • How does the product compare with the competition?
  • Why would you buy the product again or refer this product to a friend? Why not?

What to Expect

Reviewers receive a refund after purchasing products and may participate in one of our review campaigns for more rewards

A Few Examples of What We Will Ask

Product Testing

Test and keep new products. Provide your feedback and overall satisfaction with the product.

Comparison Campaigns

See how the product compares with the competition and suggest ways to make them stand out.

Advertising Testing

Tell us how product packaging, advertising and listings help you make purchasing decisions.

Ease of Use Evaluation

Complete simple tasks to measure whether the product is easy to find and buy.

Satisfaction Polls

Tell us how satisfied you are when using the product and if you will buy again.

Brand Awareness and Reach

Evaluate brand campaigns and if they effectively promote brand recall and awareness

What Reviewers Say

Here’s a few of what our reviewers say about

"It’s good to be know that my opinons count and that I can really make an impact as to how a product launches. Kudos to the companies who are part of the program for listening to us, the customers."

Robert Neville


"I can’t believe something like this even exists. At first, I thought it was too good to be true, but after testing it out and receiving the products and my refunds, I am hooked. The questions are quick and easy to follow and some of the campaigns are actually fun."

Red Baker

Digital Analyst

"Who can say no to FREE products, right? however, is more than a site to get amazing items for free, it is actually a great community to get your opinions across to new brands and actually make a difference in how products come to market."

Sandra Mullins


"I got an invite for the program from a friend and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to the program. I have always enjoyed being a mystery shopper and this is like that to the next level. The campaigns are unbelievably easy and the products are amazing. Oh, did I mention you get them for FREE?"

Bree Lance


"The first thing I check every morning in my email is if I have a new invite from My husband and I are always excited to see what products we can get for free for our time providing feedback to brands. I got rewarded more campaign invites by participating in lots of campaigns and am excited for my next one."

Amanda Mcintosh

Fulltime Homemaker

"With it is like Christmas morning every day. :) I enjoy searching for products I like to try and products that interest me and getting a full refund for them. They are not joking when they said you get no more than 6 easy questions. My only complaint is there is not enough invites to give to my friends and family."

Nathan Brooks


Invitation to Apply

We wont be open for application for long. Make sure you sign up and see if you qualify today!